My approach

When talking about the decision to start therapy, many of my clients - past and present, say that they wish they'd sought my help sooner.  I understand the importance of finding the right therapist for you.

Offering an approach which is accessible, I draw on a variety of clinical approaches and tailor the way I work to best fit the needs and individuality of each person. My style is interactive.  We will have a conversation but it will be a conversation about you and the things that matter to you: your story.  Through careful and informed listening, I will help you to understand the ways in which you see yourself and those around you, so that you can change what isn’t working.  I will help you to develop self awareness, a kind of cognitive and emotional resilience, that will equip you to adapt to change and manage it better.

It’s by becoming consciously aware of ourselves within the safety of a therapeutic relationship that we can gain the courage to let go of old, unhelpful ways of relating to ourselves and others, and discover new ones.

Therapy can provide long term personal growth and heightened emotional knowledge – skills that are useful in all areas of personal and professional life.